Test Results

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  • Private School Average 50% 50%
  • Holy Trinity Academy 97% 97%

There is simply no doubt.  Our Classical Curriculum and teaching methods have been proven to succeed, time and time again.

Holy Trinity Academy has out-performed 94% – 99% of all public and private schools in the United States consistently over the past 16 years.

These facts are based on our Iowa Test Scores

Most of our students are 2 grade levels higher than their counterparts in both private and public schools.

There have been other students who had the potential to excel much further.  Once, two 4th grade students scored at the college level in several subjects.  Yes,the 4th grade… still in elementary school.

We have had a 4 year old preschool students who enjoyed math and reading with the 1st grade classes.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself this question.. Does your school do this?

Would you believe that one of the finest schools in this great country is right here in Warren, Ohio?

The choice for your childrens’ future… is yours to make.