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About Us

A healthy education is built alongside a strong Christian character. Education means little when one doesn’t have the common sense to put it to good use. With 2000 years of proven Christian philosophy, we believe that the Golden Rule, self-responsibility, hard work, humility and integrity, are key components in nurturing a well-rounded child. Our students develop a sturdy foundation built to live a meaningful life well beyond the academic years.

Why Holy Trinity?

  • Christ Centered
  • Ideal for Gifted Students
  • Hands-on Classical Curriculum
  • Proven Academic Success
  • Safe and Loving Environment
  • Free/Reduced Tuition via EdChoice Scholarship
  • Maximum 15 Student Classes
Student holds her hand-painted reindeer picture
Children having fun on a tire swing

What Parents Are Saying

My husband and I are both teachers and we love Holy Trinity.

Our daughter has excelled in this environment. She is truly working at her potential. The teacher to student ratio is kept low so that each student gets individual attention. We looked at several other options in the area and both agreed that Holy Trinity is the best option.

Sharon D

Parent 2015

…it is an experience I feel so blessed that we were a part of

“A bittersweet night for us…our final Spring Arts show means the start of our summer vacation and fun…but it also meant saying goodbye to our Holy Trinity family as Makinley will attend another school next year. Our love for Mrs. Parsons, Miss F (Kell Funtulis), Mrs. Malie, and Mrs. A is beyond words. In our 3 years at the school, we have laughed together, cried together and grown together. It is incredible to me that because of the faith she has learned in school, Makinley would come home from school and instead of running for the TV like most kids, she would play “hours” with the dog and make us pray before every meal…it is an experience I feel so blessed that we were a part of, and I know we will always remember. I wish everyone there the absolute best in life, and I know that they will always be in our hearts:)”



They bring a new meaning to the phrase ‘No Kid Left Behind’

I was one of the first 10 origins HTOCA kids who went to this school when it first opened. Coming back years after and being asked to teach the 4th and 5th grade kids how to crochet is amazing. And to come back and see what HTOCA has evolved into is a blessing and truly humbling. The education is very much worth it because the teachers do value the kids they teach. They bring a new meaning to the phrase “No Kid Left Behind”. I could go on and on about how great this school is and everything I could say is nothing but positive.

Brynden Morrow

Former student and volunteer instructor, 2014

Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Academy & Preschool

175 Laird Ave NE,
Warren, OH 44483, USA