Our History & Our Future

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Our History

Holy Trinity Academy & Preschool opened its doors in the fall of 2003. It was the last of several sister schools to open in Northeast Ohio, whom had launched in 2000 under a parent organization named the Orthodox Christian Schools of Northeast Ohio (OCS-NEO). Unfortunately due to poor enrollment, those ministries began to fail. By early 2008, HTOCA was the last surviving school. It was announced at a parent meeting that HTOCA would also close, and the OCS-NEO would also dissolve. The school board and staff were to all retire by the end of the school year.

However, those parents understood that not only did HTOCA far exceed other schools in academic success, but it also brought them together as a family, and was very special to them. With this understanding, they worked tirelessly to somehow continue the mission. Left with little more than the rented space, school books and desks, these parents volunteered to reincorporate HTOCA as a new Ohio non-profit corporation, reacquire a school charter, become a non-profit 501(c)3, and hire a new certified staff… and succeeded.

Our Program & Success

We have a faith-based education using the Classic Curriculum and utilizing modern teaching techniques, with a 15 student limit per class. Using this proven system, our students rank at or above the 96th percentile of all private schools in the United States, all while maintaining spiritual growth and morality. We have since focused on our preschool to bring in young children and parents, hoping they will grow into students of our Academy.

Our Future Goals

We will one day grow our student population to become a mission to service students from Pre-K to the 12th grade. We hope to one day work beyond the fundraising struggles and provide greater-than-minimum wages for our staff. There is a great need for an alternative education… Government schools are not able to meet all family’s needs. We are unique, qualified, and zealous given the opportunity to help nurture and guide students during their fundamental learning years. Ultimately, we wish to share the miracle that we were blessed with, with as many families as possible.